Sandy finish gloves


Sandy finish glove is a type of glove that has a latex or nitrile coating finished with sandy surface. The gripping capability of sandy finish glove is spectacular particularly under wet or oily working condition. If you look into the palm area carefully, you will find tuns of tiny cups covering the palm. It is those tiny cups that makes excellent gripping. A kind of substance like salt is used in the production of sandy finish glove. Salt melts inside of the palm surface after washing process and then produces tons of tiny cups. Sandy finish palm coated glove is the most regular coating style. Sandy finish glove has either latex coating or nitrile coating, with different feature respectively. 

43-101  18 gauge blue nylon liner, palm coated with black latex,  sandy finish

44-101  15 gauge nylon and spandex mixed liner, nitrile sandy finish palm

45-101  7 gauge orange acrylic liner, palm coated with brown latex, sandy finish

45-102  7 gauge yellow acrylic liner, palm coated with black latex, sandy finish

47-101  Double layer liner for winter, latex half coated with sandy finish

What is the difference between latex sandy finish and nitrile sandy finish?

  • Latex sandy finish has a better gripping function than nitrile sandy finish. That's because the tiny cup on latex coating is deeper and softer than nitrile coating.
  • Nitrile sandy finish is more chemical and oil resistant than latex sandy finish. This is due to the different characteristics of latex and ntirile rubber.

  • Latex sandy finish glove is more flexible than nitrile sandy finish glove, the later has a harder coating that could be a obstacle for dexterity.