PVC dotted gloves


PVC dotted gloves, another name PVC dots gloves, are constructed with a string knit liner and PVC dots. Unlike coated gloves, PVC dots are made by glove dotting machine instead of glove dipping production line. The liner used for PVC dotted gloves are with either 10 gauge, 7 gauge or 13 gauge. PVC dots can be made into variety of patterns on liner which depends on customers requirement. The fingertip is the weak zone of PVC dots gloves because this area has no PVC on it and can be easily penetrated by fingers, but we got fingertip coating instrument on machine that make it more durable, in another words, saving the cost indirectly.

41-101  10 gauge bleached white liner, blue PVC dots, one side dotted

41-202  10 gauge natural white liner, yellow PVc dots, one side dotted

42-101  7 gauge bleached white liner, black PVC dots, one side dotted

42-202  7 gauge natural white liner, black PVc dots, two sides dotted

What determines the cost of PVC dotted gloves?

  • What is the glove weight? The cost vairies to different weight in terms of liner weight and PVC dots weight. This can easily be understood. The weight is typically given by customers.
  • How is the PVC dots quality? Some cost can be reduced by using low quality PVC powder. What we use is quality PVC powder that is more expensive. Good quality dots is shining.
  • How does the knit wrist look like? The knit wrist of PVC dotted glove is an important thing to reduce cost. Low cost wrist is short and has less rubber thread in it. Remember rubber thread inside wrist is the most expensive material. The less rubber thread is used, the lower the cost is. 
  • Does the glove have excessive yarn left between fingers? The power cost will be saved if you do not deal with the excessive yarn left outside between fingers. That's why you see cheap PVC dotted gloves always have them left outside.
  • What is the yarn quality for string knit liner? For the same type of yarn, the cost is different according to which quality the yarn is. Most yarns made into PVC dotted gloves are typically recycle yarns, the good one of which looks purer and cleaner and has relatively coherent thickness.