PU coated gloves


PU coated gloves, the full category name polyurethane coated gloves, are constructed with a PU coating and a string knitted liner. They are made by dipping glove liner into PU liquid. PU gloves category has normally only palm coated and fingertip coated style available. The liner can be made with gauge 13, 15 or 18, among which 13 gauge is the most typical gauge for PU gloves. Regarding liner material, polyester, nylon, and spandex can be seen for this category. Carbon fiber is added in liner with nylon or polyester to make glove anti-static. HPPE, glass fiber, steel are used for cut resistant PU gloves.

PU coated glove 1

13 gauge grey polyester

13 gauge white polyester

13 gauge black polyester

13 gauge printed polyester

13 gauge anti-static fiber

What determines the cost of PU coated gloves?

  • The cost of PU coated glove from same factory is basically fixed. The coating cost can not be adjusted like latex coated and nitrile coated glove. The cheap PU glove from some factories uses low cost polyurethane raw material which makes worse quality coating. 

  • How fine is the liner made? The cost is different between a poorly made liner and a well made liner if the liner material is equal. 

  • Is the glove DMF free? PU glove without DMF inside coating has a higher cost than DMF contained glove. DMF free PU glove is also called water-based PU glove. Regular PU glove is DMF based.

  • What is the liner color of PU coated glove? White PU glove liner has lower cost than color liner which is approximately USD 0.1/dozen lower. Other special liner color cost a little bit more than typical color liner. 

  • The cost of printed liner. As like nitrile coated glove, PU glove liner can be printed with variety of pattern  for garden application. The cost of printing liner is around USD 0.5/dozen. 
  • Whether the glove is anti-static or not? To make the glove anti-static, you have to add carton fiber in polyurethane glove liner that would definitely raise the cost.