21-101 Jersey and interlock nitrile coated glove



  • Style No.:                    22-101
  • Liner Material:           Interlock cotton
  • Liner Construction:   Sewed fabric
  • Coating Material:       Nitrile rubber
  • Palm Finish:               Smooth
  • Wrist:                           Knit wrist
  • Coating Style:              Half coated
  • Liner Gauge:                
  • Weight:                          86grams
  • Available Sizes:           8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/XXL
  • Typical Packing:         12 pairs per poly bag, 120 pairs for one carton
  • Quality Level:              As per customer requirement

Jersey / interlock nitrile coated gloves are constructed with jersey or interlock cotton liner and nitrile coating. This glove features either jersey liner or interlock liner. Jersey liner is thicker and gloves with jersey liner are mainly used for heavy duty work and oily environment. Gloves with interlock liner is lighter which is for oily environment. This kind of glove has only natural white liner available. Same to jersey latex coated glove, jersey / interlock nitrile coated glove has both safety cuff and knit wrist liner as well. The glove with knit wrist is to prevent debris and other stuff to come into glove when working; The glove with safety cuff provides extra protection on wrist area and make glove donning and doffing easier. 

Regarding the nitrile coating style, there are half coated style and fully coated style. For half coated style, the nitrile coating covers half of glove back besides palm. For the full coating style, the nitrile coating cover the half glove except cuff. Blue and yellow are two most common color for this type of glove. Yellow color can be often seen on interlock nitrile glove, while blue can be often seen on jersey nitrile gloves. But no matter what color you want, we can make it as per your requirement. And the coating color has nothing to do with glove price.  The following table is our general style list for this glove instead of a complete list.


22-101  Interlock cotton liner, half coated with yellow nitrile, knit wrist

22-102  Interlock cotton liner, fully coated with yellow nitrile, knit wrist

22-201  Jersey cotton liner, half coated with blue nitrile, knit wrist

22-202  Jersey cotton liner, fully coated with blue nitrile, knit wrist

22-301  Jersey cotton liner, half coated with blue nitrile, safety cuff

22-302  Jersey cotton liner, fully coated with blue nitrile, safety cuff

Jersey / interlock nitrile coated glove quality can be identified by liner quality and coating quality. Typically low quality glove has a thinner liner or has a lower rate of pure cotton in the liner. The cost of a liner with pure cotton and a liner with poly cotton is different. The coating can also be an aspect affecting glove cost, The thicker is the coating, the higher is the cost. The ingredients of nitrile coating to some degree also plays a role for glove cost.