21-101 13 gauge nitrile coated glove



  • Style No.:                      21-101
  • Liner Material:           White polyester
  • Liner Construction:   String knitted
  • Coating Material:       Nitrile rubber
  • Palm Finish:               Smooth
  • Wrist:                            Knit wrist
  • Coating Style:              Fingertip and palm coated
  • Liner Gauge:                13
  • Weight:                         42 grams
  • Available Sizes:           7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/XXL
  • Typical Packing:         12 pairs per poly bag, 240 pairs for one carton
  • Quality Level:              As per customer requirement

13 gauge nitrile coated gloves are constructed with 13 gauge string knit liner and nitrile coating. The liner yarn material can be either polyester or nylon. Polyester and nylon yarn look quite same but quite different in terms of abrasion resistance and cost. Nylon is a better yarn than polyester when used on coated gloves which is more abrasion resistant and more flexible, but the cost is also high. Just because of it’s higher cost than polyester, twice more than polyester, more than half nylon yarns used for gloves are substituted by polyester.

Variety of liner colors are available for clients to choose. Some typical liner color has white, grey, red, black etc. Color has some influence on the cost of  13 gauge polyester palm coated glove. White polyester is the cheapest; Typical color polyester like grey, red and black is around USD 0.15/dz higher than white. The other uncommon color like dark blue is USD 0.03/dz higher than typical color polyester. If you want a customized color designated by you, your quantity has to be big to get started. Yarn dying is not workable with smaller quantity. 

Regarding the coating, it has three dipping styles available, palm dipping, half dipping and full dipping. The palm dipping is the most common one. Besides plain 13 gauge liner, there are printed liners and U3 liners used for 13 gauge nitrile coated glove. The printed liner is used to give the glove a better look and has variety of printing patterns available. You need to contact us to see what patterns we have for the liner. The beautiful look, often time with flower pattern, makes this glove excellent for garden use.  The coating of printed nitrile glove is typically made into transparent color. U3 liner is to increase glove duty level because it feels thicker. The following table is our general style list for this glove instead of a complete list.


21-101  White polyester liner, palm coated with yellow nitrile

21-201  Printed polyester liner, palm coated with transparent nitrile

21-301  U3 polyester liner, palm coated with  nitrile

21-401  White nylon liner, palm coated with grey nitrile

21-102  Black nylon liner, palm coated with black nitrile


The coating quality is to some degree adjustable by putting some other low cost chemical in it. Reducing the coating weight is also one important way for nitrile coated glove to lower cost. For nitrile glove with printed liner, the liner cost is even different which has an impact on how the printing pattern looks like.