Nitrile coated gloves


Nitrile coated gloves are constructed with a liner and nitrile coating, which is made by dipping glove liner into nitrile liquid. The liner can be either string knitted or jersey / interlock cotton fabric. The coating on liner has palm coated, half coated and fully coated style available. Nitrile palm coated glove is the most common style that clients most often buy. Jersey nitrile coated glove is for oil and chemical industry which is mainly used in heavy duty environment. The liner of jersey nitrile glove features safety cuff or knit wrist and half coated or fully coated style. Both U3 style liner and liners with variety of pattern printing are seen very regularly as a subcategory of nitrile coated gloves.

nitrile coated glove 1

13 gauge polyester, smooth

13 gauge printed polyester

Interlock fully coated

Jersey fully coated, safety cuff

Jersey fully coated, knit wrist

What determines the cost of nitrile coated gloves?

  • How much is the weight? This is quite straight-forward, cost is more with higher weight in terms of liner and coating. Just like latex glove, nitrile glove can be added in some cheap chemicals to lower cost and raise the weight. The difference is that you can not add as much chemicals in nitrile glove as latex glove.
  • How does the coating look like? When weight is equal, sometimes you can reduce the cost to some degree by putting in some assistant chemicals that makes more weight, but the coating quality will be brought down which can be told easily from the outside look.
  • How fine is the liner made? The cost is different between a poorly made liner and a well made liner if the liner material is equal. 

  • How does the liner material look like? As you know for the same type of yarn, the cost has some variance. It totally depends on factory to choose which quality yarn to use. When it comes to jersey and interlock liner, the fabric cost falls into a very wide range.