13-101 Jersey Latex coated glove



  • Style No.:                       13-101
  • Liner Material:            Jersey cotton
  • Liner Construction:   Sewed with clute pattern
  • Coating Material:         Latex rubber
  • Palm Finish:                   Crinkle
  • Wrist:                                Safety cuff
  • Coating Style:                 Half coated
  • Liner Gauge:                   
  • Weight:                             145 grams
  • Available Sizes:             8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/XXL
  • Typical Packing:           12 pairs per poly bag, 120 pairs for one carton
  • Quality Level:                As per customer requirement

Jersey latex coated gloves are constructed with jersey cotton liner and latex coating. The jersey liner is made of jersey fabric that is cut into glove shape and then sewed with sewing machine. The jersey latex coated glove has both knit wrist and safety cuff style available. The glove with knit wrist is to prevent debris and other stuff to come into glove when working; The glove with safety cuff provides extra protection on wrist area and make glove donning and doffing easier. 

Regarding the coating, jersey latex coated gloves have half coated style and fully coated style available.  Half coated style is with latex dipped to cover half of glove back while fully coated style is with latex covering the whole glove except cuff area. It is also possible that a couple of clients ask a different liner color rather than regular natural white if it is half coated style. When it happens, your order quantity has to be big enough to get it started. 

We can also make another type of jersey latex coated glove for which the liner is Clute pattern with a rubber band on glove back. Clute pattern has it’s own advantage than gloves with regular plain jersey liner which is more comfort to wear. And a piece of rubber band on back makes glove fit hands better.


13-101  Jersey liner with Clute pattern, half coated with yellow latex, safety cuff

13-201  Jersey liner, fully coated with yellow latex, safety cuff

13-301  Jersey liner, half coated with yellow latex, safety cuff

13-401  Jersey liner, half coated with yellow latex, knit wrist

13-501  Jersey liner, fully coated with yellow latex, knit wrist


The coating quality is adjustable based on different latex percentage. The more latex the coating has, the higher is the quality. When the latex percentage in coating goes high, the cost will be higher. A pure latex coating does not necessarily brings us the highest abrasion resistance, but it does impact how flexible the glove is. The liner has two quality grades available that depends on your requirement. The jersey quality depends on several factors, but pure cotton percentage and what the jersey weight is should become your biggest concern.