12-101 10 gauge palm coated glove



  • Style No.:                    12-101
  • Liner Material:           Grey polyester
  • Liner Construction:   String knitted
  • Coating Material:       Latex rubber
  • Palm Finish:               Crinkle
  • Wrist:                           Knit wrist
  • Coating Style:              Fingertip and palm coated
  • Liner Gauge:                10
  • Weight:                         92 grams
  • Available Sizes:           7/S, 8/M, 9/L, 10/XL, 11/XXL
  • Typical Packing:         12 pairs per poly bag, 120 pairs for one carton
  • Quality Level:              As per customer requirement

10 gauge latex palm coated gloves are constructed with 10 gauge string knitted liner and latex palm coating. The liner yarn material can be either polyester, poly cotton  or recycle poly cotton, among which poly cotton has the highest cost and better comfort level. The recycle poly cotton is the cheapest one. Poly cotton and polyester liner are typically constructed with 5 pieces of threads while recycle poly cotton liner is with 2 pieces of thread. In order to make polyester latex coated glove more flexible, the liner can be made with 4 pieces of thread but the liner density will be reduced.

A couple of liner colors are available for clients to choose. Some typical polyester liner colors are orange, grey, red, black etc. Some typical recycle poly cotton colors are white, grey, yellow, black, red, etc. The color of polyester and poly cotton liner do not impact the glove cost, but the liner color of recycle poly cotton do have some impact on the overall glove cost. The grey color is cheaper which is around USD 0.14/dz lower than other colors. For 10 gauge latex palm coated glove, the liner dying is not available. You can only choose from the colors we have.

10 gauge latex palm coated glove has either crinkle finish style or smooth finish style available. Smooth finish style has less gripping capability but sometimes are made cheaper than crinkle one. The most common liner used for smooth finish glove is natural white poly cotton. The following lists some items we have in this category but please note it is not a complete list.


12-101  Grey polyester liner, palm coated with blue latex, crinkle finish

12-201  Grey recycle poly cotton liner, palm coated with grey latex, crinkle finish

12-301  Yellow poly cotton liner, palm coated with orange latex, crinkle finish

12-202  Natural white recycle poly cotton liner, palm coated with black latex, smooth finish

12-203   Yellow recycle poly cotton liner, palm coated with blue latex, crinkle finish


The coating quality is adjustable based on different latex percentage. The more latex the coating has, the higher is the quality. When the latex percentage in coating goes high, the cost will be higher. A pure latex coating does not necessarily brings us the highest abrasion resistance, but it does impact how flexible the glove is .