Latex coated gloves


Latex coated gloves, another name rubber coated gloves, are categorized by it’s coating type latex, which is made by dipping glove liner into latex liquid. The coating style on liner has palm coated, 3/4 coated and fully coated style available. Latex palm coated glove is the most common style that clients most often buy. In order to increase anti-slip function, the palm is typically made into crinkle finish. Smooth finished palm is also common. Some common materials that are used for the liner of latex coated gloves are polyester, poly-cotton, nylon, jersey, and interlock. 

latex coated glove 11-001

13 gauge polyester yarn

Jersey knit wrist half coated

10 gauge polyester crinkle

10 gauge recycle poly cotton

10 gauge palm smooth finish

Jersey half coated safety cuff

What determines the cost of latex coated gloves?

  • How much is the weight? This is quite straight-forward, cost is more with higher weight. But sometimes it is not necessarily true. The cost would not be increased when you put too much calcium in the coating. What you increase is only weight because calcium chemical is very cheap.
  • How much pure latex is in the coating mixture?  The coating contains not only latex but also other chemicals, among which pure latex is the most expensive material in it and the cost of other components are minor. Latex coating is the biggest part that can be used to adjust cost.
  • How does the liner material look like?  For the same type of liner, the raw material quality varies which to some degree has an impact on the overall glove cost. This is more obvious for jersey latex glove because the cost of jersey fabric falls into a big range.
  • How fine is the liner made? The cost is different between a poorly made liner and a well made liner if the liner material is equal.  
  • Does latex glove need to be washed in water? Some high end market like Japan does not like gloves with odor, so you have to wash glove in water to get rid of the harsh odor.  The cost of glove washing is not low which is around USD0.45/DZ. Do not wash them unless you think it is a must.