Foam rubber coated gloves


Foam rubber coated glove is one kind of coating structure of rubber coated gloves. The rubber coating is either latex, nitrile or mixture of polyurethane and nitrile. The main feature of foam rubber coated glove is breathability due to the foam structure of the coating. When nitrile coating is made into foam structure, it ‘s gripping gets increased under oily working environment. Another kind of foam is based on  a mix of polyurethane and nitrile, among which polyurethane is water-based. The advantage of this type of foam is a thin coating which has better dexterity. Compared to typical rubber coated gloves, foam coated gloves are more expensive.

51-101  13 gauge yellow polyester palm coated with foam latex

61-101  13 gauge white polyester palm coated with foam nitrile

72-201  15 gauge nylon and spandex coated with foam nitrile and PU

81-101  15 gauge blue nylon palm coated with foam nitrile and dots

What are the difference between latex foam, nitrile and PU&nitrile foam?

  • When latex coating is made into foam structure, it gives breathability but abrasion level is decreased. Another advantage of latex foam coating is good flexibility, but that doesn't mean dexterity became better because of increased thickness.
  • Nitrile foam coating is the most common foam rubber glove which might be used mainly for oily and chemical work condition. Foam structure also makes it thicker than plain nitrile coating.

  • The foam coating of PU and nitrile mix is a good substitute of traditional foam nitrile coating because it is thinner and more abrasion resistant. But the price is much higher than typical foam nitrile coated glove. When water is used in production to flush the coating, the foam coating will become super thin, which significantly raises it's dexterity level.