Work glove categories


The following section lists our work glove categories. As you can see, most of our glove categories are coated gloves ( dipped gloves ) which are manufactured by our own. We also do some other kinds of work gloves that belongs to our trading category. The following work glove categories are basically organized by coating type. We provide several qualities for the same glove to fit clients’ specific market demand. The quality varies in terms of coating, liner or some raw materials used. Price difference could be very big from lower end to high end quality, but no matter which quality you buy from us, our margin is fixed. Typically we provide sizes from 7 to 11, for PU gloves, we have sizes 4, 5, 6 and 12 as well. 

latex coated glove

with string knit or jersey liner

nitrile coated glove

string knit, interlock or jersey liner

PU coated glove

palm coated or fingertip coated style

variety of PVC dots pattern available

Sandy finish glove

with latex or nitrile coating

three different coating styles available

brushed acrylic or polyester liner

cut resistant glove

HPPE, steel, glass fiber, Kevlar fiber

Before making your inquiry, make sure you have made the following questions clear because they account for overall product cost. Many customers tend not to mention one or more of these points when inquiring, so quotation could be not accurate because of lacking enough information.

  • What's your quality level? A photo of the glove from you will help us figure out the quality you need. If you have sample on your hands, showing us your sample is better.
  • What's your packing manner? Packing like header card, individual poly bag, heat transit printing, display box, etc can affect the overall cost significantly in terms of material cost and labor cost. You have to tell us if you have those packing. We also have to know the quality of your packing materials considering different qualities are available.
  • What's the glove weight? Sometimes weight is an important factor when we evaluate quality. It is associated with how many raw material are used. But this is not absolutely true when you increase glove weight with low cost materials.
  • What's your order quantity? When your quantity is very small, the FOB cost allocated to each pair could have very much sense. Orders with small quantity also makes production cost higher.

What is coated glove?

Coated glove is a kind of dipped glove which is made by dipping liner into latex liquid and then drying it up in an oven. It is constructed with a liner that is either string knitted or sewed fabric, and a rubber coating that has latex, nitrile, PVC and PU available. It also features palm coated, 3/4 coated or a fully coated style. Coated glove is a fine substitute of leather gloves and fabric gloves because of  better dexterity and lower price. The majority of coated gloves available on market has residual chemical problem although these chemicals are not necessarily very harmful to us. Residual chemicals can be removed from glove but it will increase overall glove cost.