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Masterx,  the full company name Shandong Masterx Glove Co., Ltd, is a specialized coated work glove manufacturer, supplier, and exporter  from Gaomi, China. Dipped work glove is another name of coated work glove which is made by dipping glove liner into latex liquid. Our main glove categories cover latex coated glove, nitrile coated glove, PU coated glove, and PVC dotted glove. By application, our production is not only focused on general purpose glove but also covers cut resistant glove, anti-slip glove, chemical resistant glove, garden glove and some other specialty gloves. In order to meet clients’ diversified needs, we also do some trading for other gloves that we do not produce by ourselves and customers have to buy in one order. We are aware of varied market demand of each country, so we make our production as flexible as possible in order to engage in supplying clients competitive prices and quality gloves that meet their specific market demand.

We currently have 3 production lines and more than 100 workers, with a total capacity of  60,000 pairs per day. We have been in work glove industry more than six years and trading companies take 90% of our clients profile. Half of the volume we produced have been indirectly exported to Japan. Our products cover a full quality spectrum that ranges from very low to high end. No matter which country you are from and how your local market demand looks like, we always have the right gloves for you.

We know good quality glove is not only about glove itself, but the packing plays a significant role. Quality packing material and well-packed goods is associated with high quality, and vice versa. Therefore, we pay our close attention to the packing of each pair. Come to our factory for a real visit to our packing workshop, you will realize how we treat the packing seriously and how our workers are doing that carefully.

Quality and price is clients’ biggest concern. From the clients’ perspective, best quality with lowest price stands for value and advantage. It determines how well they can survive and perform on their market. We aim to provide our clients best quality under a competitive price. If your volume is very big, we can have discussion with you for a better deal. Sometimes production using good raw materials does not necessarily bring about good gloves unless you have a good control over the quality. At Masterx, we have had several years experience serving Japanese market which laid a solid foundation for us to make quality gloves. When clients work with us, quality won’t be a headache, just trust us!

 You’re welcome to our factory and discuss future business with us! We are always available for you.

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